Word of the Year!

I’ve never done this until last year but I found a word of the year. Usually I find those kinds of things hokey and they don’t really work for me. I’m not a fan of huge resolutions so, I just try to be a better me somehow.

Last year, with help from my friends, my word was BRAVE. I’m, in general, a scaredy cat and usually game to try anything…except things that just aren’t me. I’m not a professional anything and pretty laid back about almost everything. So, I really didn’t know where being BRAVE was going to get me.

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Monday Ramblin’s

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Trying to IMPROVE!


This week has been just a bunch of rain, for the next 10 days, rain, and we just had….rain.  My yard is just a huge mud pit and the chickens hide form the rain on the front porch and poop on it all day!


Thankfully, our land is flat in the front yard then slopes downhill. While there is lots of water when it rains, it doesn’t flood and in a hour or so, it’s just soggy.


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Bob the Robot Chicken Coop Opener

Spoiling the chickens

Oh, the constant struggle of animal owners and wanting to go on vacation. What to do, what to do! Farm sitters are great but we free range our chickens and having someone come over first thing in the mornings to open them up then after dark to close the doors can be tedious. Their coops are small and because we free range them, we *could* leave them in their coops but I don’t like that more than a day. We have done it and they were not happy about it, constant texts, the calls….

The solution… a chicken coop opener! I wanted one that I could plug in to an orange extension cord, it will open the door, wait then when I want it to, it will close it, preferably automatic.

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Herman Munster, Mr Social.

So, our farm is fairly new but one thing we are known for is Herman, our big tom turkey that hangs around and is strangely social.  Everyone asks if he’s going to be supper and they usually look a bit sick when they ask. We cheerfully say “No, he’s a pet” and they look relieved. We love our turkey but, man, they are an adventure!!

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Suscovich Chicken Tractor

They wouldn’t get on the tractor for the picture…

First: definition refinement.

A chicken tractor isn’t a really cool John Deere driven by a chicken. (Though, that would be a great picture!) Most of us have grown up knowing chickens live in a coop, a place with roosting bars, water, chicken feed and laying boxes. We’ve seen it on preschool walls or our grandparents had one. A “chicken tractor” is a movable coop so that the chickens have everything they need, food, water, roosting bars, fresh grass and protection. It also keeps 30 chickens from pooping on your front porch.

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Trough Waterer for Animals

Okay, so I needed and wanted a way for my turkeys and chickens to get water without using a bucket and nipples. I never even tried the bucket with my turkeys because they way they drink water, didn’t think it would work for them.

After talking to my friend Crystal, she showed me a picture for a waterer that looks like a trough and has a float valve and bucket outside the tractor! Score! Time to figure this out!

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Kubb! What is that?

A while back, I think I was perusing Instructables and came up on plans for this game. A word about Instructables. If you are not familiar with this site and you like anything DIY and enjoy sharing your knowledge, this is the place for you! The instructions are usually very good, great pictures, help in the comment section and almost anything you could want from woodworking, camping, recipes, just about anything.

Oh, I remember now. I saw a yard game somewhere and wanted to see if Instructables had plans. They did, plus many other yard games including one called Kubb (pronounced like NOOB). Looking at the plans, it looked super easy so I looked for instructions on how to play and it made no sense to me.

Today, I was between projects. Bhahaha, who am I kidding. I had projects but didn’t really want to do them or didn’t have the stuff for it. I was goofing off on Facebook and saw this article.  I remembered seeing this and looked up these plans.

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Friday Ramblin’s

Been a busy week, a lot has been accomplished!

Dug holes with our auger. It’s supposed to be a one person auger but Jonathan and I used to together. Georgia red clay can be a jerk! We got maybe 6 inches and gave up. Because it hadn’t rained in maybe a couple of weeks, the ground was hard. So we had the brilliant idea of filling up our shallow hole with water and let it soak in overnight.

Oh my gosh, best idea ever! Like Buttah! It was a breeze! And I tried the auger alone this time to see if I could use it. It was so nice.

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