Tool of the Month: The Kitchen Drill

The most unusual tool in my kitchen…

My kitchen is small, very small. I have a total of 5 drawers, two of those are big deep ones. If I have anything on my counters, I has got to be used a lot, have a great purpose, preferably many purposes. I have my electrical kettle, French press, Instant Pot, and canister for kitchen spatulas and a knife block. Next to the Georgia Bulldog crock that holds my kitchen spatulas and flippers is a space where I keep my small cutting boards. But between those, there sits a cordless drill.

Now, I’m not the best at putting things away. I’m getting better at “being nice to Future Beth” and putting things up and not give that chore to Future Beth. So, it appears that I left one of my tools from the shops just laying around the kitchen.

Y’all, don’t be too jealous of those ugly counter tops!

Nope, it’s my Kitchen Drill. *fanfare trumpet sounds* br-br-BRRRRR!!

What, no one else had a kitchen drill? Interesting. Let me show you the awesomeness of the Kitchen Drill and soon, every household will have one.

In my cabinet, I have a regular 2 beater mixer, with a cord. I have an immersion blender with the immersion part and the part to make it into a whisk.


The problem with these 2 tools is, the mixer is heavy. The cord is a pain. It, I think, only has the beaters to use. The immersion blender is useful in very specific uses such as when I make gravy, and I can’t think of any other time I use it. I used to use it for elderberry syrup but when I did, it was very bitter and I know seeds contain arsenic so, that probably isn’t good. And the immersion blender just isn’t comfortable to use. It’s so long, you have to hold your hand higher than it’s natural and is a weird position just to use the whisk feature.

I honestly can’t remember when I had this idea. It seems like something my dad would do but I can’t think of the specific time.

It fits nicely, out of the way.

I got this small drill for Christmas one year. It wasn’t incredibly powerful, was light and easy to use. Somehow it made it into my kitchen and you know what, that little whisk from the immersion blender fit right into it! Hmmm, it’s light, it has an extra battery I keep charged, it is comfortable on my wrist. It’s small so no weird positions. I have another whisk so there are always 2 in rotation. It’s small enough to sit on my counter between things, it’s out of the way, it sits upright and the non-existent cord doesn’t get in the way.


So what exactly do I use it for? It is a beast with making homemade whipped cream! (And since it’s cheap at Aldi for $1.55 a pint, I always have it) Eggs, whipping up eggs is super easy. Any and all batter. I tried using it for mashed potatoes using a beater but you really need that second beater to use it effectively.

If you are interested in getting your very own Kitchen Drill, some thoughts. Make sure you get one with a “keyless chuck”. This means it had the end that will hold different size bits, the whisk, and not just ends with a hex. You DO NOT need the impact hammer feature! That would be crazy! If you feel like you are mixing something and need this feature, you probably messed up your recipe, just sayin’. I got one that stands up on it’s own so I can set it down if needed. I keep mine on the counter so having it come in a cool case wasn’t necessary. I like the kind with a removable battery so I don’t have the charging cord go everything. FYI, 2 batteries are nice but you will pay extra for them.

I personally have this Hitachi Cordless Drill. It is small, the lifetime warranty is great peace of mind. One feature this one has that I like is, it goes faster the harder you push the button. I didn’t want one that goes full crazy when you barely push it, it varies so you don’t make a huge mess. It is a little more expensive, but I use it everyday! You get what you pay for and this guy has been worth every penny!

So, there’s my tool for the month. I really hope Kitchen Drill becomes a thing! Let’s do it!

Have fun!

Homesteading as an Enneagram 4

So, I’ve been learning about the Enneagram* and I’m fascinated by it. It goes right along with my personality and how I see people. In the past, I’ve loved learning about people and adding a new piece to their puzzle. If you tell me you are a were in a gang, if you were a pageant winner, if you are a felon, that to me is amazing to fill the picture of who you are. How have you dealt with your past to make you the functioning adult I’m talking to today?

The Enneagram, according to Wikipedia, a is a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. It types you based on your motivations, so it’s you figuring out who you are instead of someone telling you, because only you know you, when you dig into it. That’s the great thing about it, digging around in your own brain, why do I do what I do, how am I when I’m not great, what can I do to grow and be a better me?

After doing the test and reading a lot, it was obvious I’m a 4, an Individualist. Big duh! I was always the girl in school who was a tomboy, loved sports, and would eat my lunch as fast as possible so I could get to the library and read, alone. Today, I go to church and most women are wearing nice church clothes and I’m hanging with the kids, wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt and jeans. No one got me, but not in an emo sort of “nobody understands me” sort of me. I knew I was me and not like everyone else. And while it was tough at times, especially when I was in groups who wanted everyone to fit into a box that was comfortable for them, I always had my journal, the woods, coffee shops, and spots I could get away from folks and be me.


According to the Enneagram Institute

Fours are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. They are emotionally honest, creative, and personal, but can also be moody and self-conscious. Withholding themselves from others due to feeling vulnerable and defective, they can also feel disdainful and exempt from ordinary ways of living. They typically have problems with melancholy, self-indulgence, and self-pity. At their Best: inspired and highly creative, they are able to renew themselves and transform their experiences.


Hmmm, yeah, that sums me up. After more digging, I learned I have a very strong 5 wing. They are the thinkers or Investigators. This makes me a Bohemian or Free Spirit. Enneagram 4w5 personalities tend to be creative, intellectual, and objective. They will seem reserved and withdrawn from others. They want to understand the world and seek personal impact and identity and fear having little knowledge and identity.

All true of me. I think the biggest takeaway I’ve gotten from this is, it gives me permission to be myself, which I haven’t gotten a lot. Do not get me wrong, my parents, I don’t think, ever put me in a box and told me who I should be. They let me be me and the only direction they gave me is, we want you to be happy.  They let me spend hours sitting on top of the garage fighting invisible bad guys, nose in a book, and being a tomboy. They never said “you should be like so-and-so” or dress this way or go to college for this. They let me be who I was. My husband, same thing. He married me for me and not what another girl he thought I could be.

So, what do I do with all this? How do I make me work for me? I’ve read people saying they thought they were 4’s because they like to stare out windows all day and dream. Well, yeah, that sounds like heaven to me, but not very practical on a homestead. Someone even said they didn’t think I was a 4 because I didn’t come across moody. Thank you?

I feel like when I tell my homesteading friends that I’m a 4, they will, say “Aw, I’m so sorry to hear that. How do you ever get anything done besides feeling all day?” And while, yes, this is true, I’m very grateful for my 5 wing. It’s like my sword, my awesome sidekick that takes over when I need it to do the job. While Feely Beth is over here moping because she “knows” her friends are mad at her and she’s got 1,000 scenarios going in her head because she got triggered by a simple text from someone asking a question and it made her spiral, my 5 wing kicks in and wants to figure out if she can make an outhouse birdhouse, complete with moon over the door, cute hinges, and looks up what size the hole should be for bluebirds.

If some asks if I’m busy, in my head, the answer is always “yes!”

So, on the homestead, I actual do quite well, thankyouverymuch! My Individual side always has me asking the question “Everyone else does it this way, why? Is there another better, more interesting way we could do this?” And it helps me explore new avenues to do things, build things, and different processes. The problem I have is, just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t make it wrong. I usually want to go in the whole opposite direction and do it my own dang way. I need to fight that urge like crazy and realize that folks have different talents. There are older and more experienced women who have amazing knowledge I need to listen to. They’ve done really cool things in ways that are common but work.

Would I rather be another type? OH HECK NO! It’s hard enough being me, I can’t be someone else now! I love how my 2 types merge into the person I am. I love drawing on both strengths and growing through the weaknesses. My word this year has been IMPROVE. This has been an amazing part of it, to give me direction and ways to grow. It shines an uncomfortable light on my shortcomings and that’s never fun but, growing pains hurt. You grow, you add pieces to your own picture and learn more about yourself. We spend so much time getting to know other people, how amazing it is to get to know the person you are around 24 hours a day, know them, appreciate them, and truly dig in and get to know them completely.

Crap, we ARE awesome!


* I’m not going to give you all the in and outs of the Enneagram. I suggest you find a book or use the interwebs, take the test, listen to podcasts, and find your type. There are 329 websites on it and 4682 pages on Instagram pages related to the Enneagram. Remember, 39% of all statistics are made up. 😉


Word of the Year!

I’ve never done this until last year but I found a word of the year. Usually I find those kinds of things hokey and they don’t really work for me. I’m not a fan of huge resolutions so, I just try to be a better me somehow.

Last year, with help from my friends, my word was BRAVE. I’m, in general, a scaredy cat and usually game to try anything…except things that just aren’t me. I’m not a professional anything and pretty laid back about almost everything. So, I really didn’t know where being BRAVE was going to get me.

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Monday Ramblin’s

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Trying to IMPROVE!


This week has been just a bunch of rain, for the next 10 days, rain, and we just had….rain.  My yard is just a huge mud pit and the chickens hide form the rain on the front porch and poop on it all day!


Thankfully, our land is flat in the front yard then slopes downhill. While there is lots of water when it rains, it doesn’t flood and in a hour or so, it’s just soggy.


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Bob the Robot Chicken Coop Opener

Spoiling the chickens

Oh, the constant struggle of animal owners and wanting to go on vacation. What to do, what to do! Farm sitters are great but we free range our chickens and having someone come over first thing in the mornings to open them up then after dark to close the doors can be tedious. Their coops are small and because we free range them, we *could* leave them in their coops but I don’t like that more than a day. We have done it and they were not happy about it, constant texts, the calls….

The solution… a chicken coop opener! I wanted one that I could plug in to an orange extension cord, it will open the door, wait then when I want it to, it will close it, preferably automatic.

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Herman Munster, Mr Social.

So, our farm is fairly new but one thing we are known for is Herman, our big tom turkey that hangs around and is strangely social.  Everyone asks if he’s going to be supper and they usually look a bit sick when they ask. We cheerfully say “No, he’s a pet” and they look relieved. We love our turkey but, man, they are an adventure!!

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Suscovich Chicken Tractor

They wouldn’t get on the tractor for the picture…

First: definition refinement.

A chicken tractor isn’t a really cool John Deere driven by a chicken. (Though, that would be a great picture!) Most of us have grown up knowing chickens live in a coop, a place with roosting bars, water, chicken feed and laying boxes. We’ve seen it on preschool walls or our grandparents had one. A “chicken tractor” is a movable coop so that the chickens have everything they need, food, water, roosting bars, fresh grass and protection. It also keeps 30 chickens from pooping on your front porch.

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Trough Waterer for Animals

Okay, so I needed and wanted a way for my turkeys and chickens to get water without using a bucket and nipples. I never even tried the bucket with my turkeys because they way they drink water, didn’t think it would work for them.

After talking to my friend Crystal, she showed me a picture for a waterer that looks like a trough and has a float valve and bucket outside the tractor! Score! Time to figure this out!

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