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While we have yet to be on our 5 acres for two years, our homesteading journey began several years before.

Beth initially started going to a meeting in Statham of the Ladies Homestead Gathering. For those familiar with the group, Beth was in some of the earliest meetings. She has served in different capacities with the organization on the national board and local boards, even helping to start local chapters. In the beginning, Beth mostly focused on things she could do on our old property with its awe-inspiring .35 acres! Yes, you read that correctly, POINT THREE FIVE acres. While a property this size offers more options then some might think, she ran out of new options rather quick.

What can been done on small properties? Well, that’s one thing we intend to share in detail. Briefly: canning, jam and jelly making, learning animal and plant care from those with properties, borrowing small bits of friends’ property for things like bees. In large part, she learned.

Moving into the country, we quickly started accumulating chickens. Over the last year, in particular, we added laying hens, a few turkeys, a couple of ducks, and our son’s flock of fun animals.

At this point, our dreams overwhelm our time and resources. We invite you to check back regularly and see what we have done and what we learned not to do again.

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