Friday Ramblin’s

Been a busy week, a lot has been accomplished!

Dug holes with our auger. It’s supposed to be a one person auger but Jonathan and I used to together. Georgia red clay can be a jerk! We got maybe 6 inches and gave up. Because it hadn’t rained in maybe a couple of weeks, the ground was hard. So we had the brilliant idea of filling up our shallow hole with water and let it soak in overnight.

Oh my gosh, best idea ever! Like Buttah! It was a breeze! And I tried the auger alone this time to see if I could use it. It was so nice.

Smart guy! Use your tools!

I love that my kids are learning to use tools. If there’s a job, that’s going to be a tool to use. We have a friend who’s brother was really good at this. He was always using handtrucks, saw horses, blocks to get the project higher so he didn’t kill his back. I learned so much from him about that! Just use your tools! That’s why you have them!

So when Tommy asked to use the air compressor to blow up his floaty thing, I couldn’t say no, use the tools!



Girl Hanging out in the Shop Nook with me every morning.

First thing in the morning, I open the garage to get chicken feed and feed various animals. Our number 2 rooster and a couple of his girls don’t roost with the rest of the girls, Instead they found a safe place in a cedar tree, With Dolly running around now, nothing has gotten them and it keeps the roosters from fighting before I can let them out.  They are usually wandering around first thing the the morning before I even get up. Well, this one girl has decided that the garage is the best place to lay eggs. I found a few on a shelf at one point and kept the garage closed but lately, she has been visiting and hanging out here. Problem is, she scratches like crazy, knocks stuff over and brings the rooster with her. A rooster’s crow in a garage is LOUD!!!

My solution based on getting a cat to sit in a box and off your computer and dining room table

My solution is adding a box of pine shavings for her to actually roost in. She thinks this is her spot and gives me at least one egg I don’t have to hunt down everyday.

So far, 2 eggs!!

Whatever works!




Honeysuckle! They smell so good!

Another thing I’m working on is Honeysuckle Jelly! I tried last year and it didn’t gel up so it was….honeysuckle honey. Not bad but, not sure how to use it.

I think that’s one of my reservations about making this. My criteria fro jams and jelly’s is, it has to taste good on a biscuit. Would this taste good on a biscuit? It will be beautiful and will smell like spring but, a biscuit? We’ll see.




That face!!!

Finally,  my favorite picture from this week! Oh my gosh, that face! Her spot during the day is usually the gardenia bush in the front yard, it stays shaded until late afternoon so, nice and cool for her! The back deck is shaded after that so she switches.

Such a good girl!!




Hopefully, I’ll have pretty pictures of Honeysuckle Jelly to show soon! And maybe cool gate pictures too!

Stay cool and have fun!!




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