Friday Ramblin’s

You know when you have your coffee shop, no other will do. I dropped my son off to play Friday Night Magic with his friends and tried to go to another coffee shop. It made me mad, it didn’t feel right, the music was wrong, it just wasn’t my spot.

I drove 45 minutes to my spot to feel at home! Thank you Jitter Joe’s in Athens!

Mmmm, decaf Caramel Breve! (it was 9pm, no judging!)

There’s not a lot that makes your head spin like your son saying, “I ran over a huge wire with the riding lawnmower.” Looking underneath, apparently he ran over a dog chain/wire….in the middle of the pasture! 50 yards from the house! Someone kept their dog back there at some point! How horrible is that?

Wire… gross, rusty, pokey wire.

Anyway, it’s not a job you can snap your fingers. There really are no shortcuts to get it off. It’s all about getting wire cuuters under there, prying off a wire, cutting it, seeing where it goes and trying to unravel it.

Homesteading is so glamorous!

And there’s no good way to get under there without having bigger equipment we don’t have. Laying on the warm concrete and digging wire out, bonding with your kid…priceless.

There was a lot of “try grabbing this wire, grab that, NO, don’t pull that!”

Eventually we got it done, took about an hour.

Gratuitous shot of under the lawnmower.

Has anyone had any luck growing chickens in a container? Asking for a friend!

Hope this year’s crop of chickens turn out good!

Hope you are out enjoying this marvelous weather!! There were 2 days where we thought our brand new AC was not working. (flips table in rage!) We ate outside and did everything we could not to go inside. Thankfully, my hubby thought to check the breaker, and something, maybe me, tripped/flipped it. And now, we have AC!

Enjoy the SPRING!!



How was the farm tour?

Hey guys!  Jonathan here again and the homestead farm trail thingy is over, yes, OVER! And for those of you and even people who were not there, it was a blast! We were selling crocheted coasters and cozies, and other things like turkey feathers lemonade and strawberry jam but the real money maker was the Adirondack chairs and one board chairs my mom made.

My job on the “stead” way to run the main “shop” selling the coasters, cozies, and turkey feathers, not to mention taking people on the “grand tour” of our forest and pond and answering any questions they might have.

Now for the point of this post. We had a little experiment/competition at the “stead” to see who would put the most money in which jar they like better, Star Wars or Harry Potter.  Please note we did not sway the voting and that we are not to be held accountable for the outcome.

It is the experiment of the century. And the final results are: Star Wars $9.42   Harry potter $3.00. So YAY! Star Wars and better luck next time Harry Potter.

Statham Homestead Trail

We are so excited to be part of the Statham Homestead Trail!! We thrilled to open our farm up to show folks the beginnings of a farm, share our dreams and invite everyone to come out in November to see how we’ve grown!

Our schedule!

We will have many Adirondack Chairs for sale and also kits if you’d like to build your own!

Adirondack chairs for sale!
$100 unpainted
$125 Painted
$60 for a kit

My 8 year old son is going to have a Lemonade stand and sale strawberry jam made with hand picked (his hands) local strawberries!

Jonathan and Herman

You can meet your unusually social turkey Herman and play with cute baby chicks along with learning about our chickens and ducks.

Come join us Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Baby Chicks!

Aw, so cute!

Disclaimer: There is a ton of information out in the interwebs about raising baby chicks, the right way to do stuff, the wrong way. My way is absolutely not the only way, I’m simply sharing what has worked for me. 

Baby chicks! Is there anything cuter?!? So fuzzy, the tiny hopping, the peeping! Adorable! I think that is what makes us take care of them in the beginning. When you walk into their coop, there run up to you pecking at your feet, and still the peeping! “Aw, you need water, let me get you more food, are you warm enough.” I suddenly am the mother hen.

Now we are 3 weeks later and all I’m saying is, “Gracious, you guys poop a lot! You’re out of water again! Where does the food go!” It’s going to be a long 8 weeks.


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New mission I chose to accept!

A friend recently gave me a mission, to find the ingredients for her cob oven. The recipe calls for sand and dried clay. It’s something I’ve always wanted to build and I think the concept is so fun! I mean, c’mon, mud and straw that you mix with your feet “Lucille Ball” Style!! How fun is that! The fact that you can mix 2 ingredients from the ground and make an oven, from the earth, and basically free if you can do it right, is so cool.

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Hello world!

This is the first post from The Iron Bell Farm. This is Jonathan the I.T guy. Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed, we love our pet turkey.

We are a brand new farm in Statham Georgia. So far we have: 12 laying hens, 2 roosters, 2 Ducks one boy and a girl, and also a turkey named Herman Munster. I have my own little flock consisting of two male Cochins, two Silkies one boy the other a laying hen, there a girl Frizzle. Click to the next