Kubb! What is that?

A while back, I think I was perusing Instructables and came up on plans for this game. A word about Instructables. If you are not familiar with this site and you like anything DIY and enjoy sharing your knowledge, this is the place for you! The instructions are usually very good, great pictures, help in the comment section and almost anything you could want from woodworking, camping, recipes, just about anything.

Oh, I remember now. I saw a yard game somewhere and wanted to see if Instructables had plans. They did, plus many other yard games including one called Kubb (pronounced like NOOB). Looking at the plans, it looked super easy so I looked for instructions on how to play and it made no sense to me.

Today, I was between projects. Bhahaha, who am I kidding. I had projects but didn’t really want to do them or didn’t have the stuff for it. I was goofing off on Facebook and saw this article.  I remembered seeing this and looked up these plans.

Hmmm, I can do this! I looked around my excess wood and leftovers trailer to see what I had. I found several chunks of 4×4 and sacrificed a 4×4 that was going to be a post. I also found some 2×2 that I got from the cull pile at Home Depot.

I’ve been trying to do better using my table saw so I can feel more comfortable with it. To me, It’s a super scary piece of equipment. That and my dad almost completely cut his finger off on one with a dado blade. I can cut a 4×4 with my miter saw, that’s about the max for it but there were cuts I couldn’t do safely with my miter saw. In one hand, I have the pushy tool that comes with the saw. In the other hand, a 18 inch piece of 2×2 to keep it from flying up. I can be an idiot at times but I am always fully aware that I’m home with my kids and I do not want anything to happen that can be avoided. Eyes and ears!

I used the table saw to cut the 4×4 down to the required 2.75 pieces. Problem is, I decided to do this after I had cut all 10 pieces. Oh well, they turned out well!





For the instructions on how to play the game, J and I watched this video

(Can I just say how happy I am that i figured out how to put this video here?)

We had to watch it several times to really get an understanding of it. Went to the garage and cut them out and thankfully, they fit perfectly in a 5 gallon bucket!! Yay, I don’t have to make a box for it! (There is an instructable and it had plans for the box too) My king isn’t as fancy as I’d like it to be but, it’s pretty good for a first time King! Of course, my next set I want to make fancier. I want to cut a line into the “skull” so we can differentiate the back line skulls from the field skulls.  

I have to admit, the reason I liked this version was the fact that the “pawns” were called Skulls and the “dowels” were called Femurs! Heck yeah, that’s what we will call it! 

We immediately went into the yard to try it out. It was Mommy vs Tommy with J as referee because he knew the rules a little better. I was down to one skull and the king and hit the king, knocking it over and losing instantly. I should probably teach my kid how to win gracefully because he went crazy!! Good for him. He then went on to beat J who was less than pleased.

A serious game!

It really is more fun than Cornhole! There is no score to keep, you keep going until someone knocks down all the Skulls. And you really can play it with a drink in your hand!

I am definitely going to make a few more of these as gifts! It will be a must for July 4th and anyone else I can get to play!

Enjoy and hope everyone gets out to play outside again!!

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