Monday Ramblin’s

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Trying to IMPROVE!


This week has been just a bunch of rain, for the next 10 days, rain, and we just had….rain.  My yard is just a huge mud pit and the chickens hide form the rain on the front porch and poop on it all day!


Thankfully, our land is flat in the front yard then slopes downhill. While there is lots of water when it rains, it doesn’t flood and in a hour or so, it’s just soggy.


My chickens, however, are not fans of the rain! Poor things find any shelter they can, even under the truck.

Bless their hearts!
Yay…Georgia rain…









My ducks free-range all the time. They are good slug eaters so they roam all over the yard and seem pretty happy about it. We’ve tried putting them up at night and they weren’t happy about it. So, during the night, they (mine do) lay their eggs. But since they free-range, they lay them wherever, all over the yard. We can usually get to a few before Dolly gets to them and we still get a good many. So, every morning it’s like an Easter Egg hunt finding eggs.

It’s like Easter every morning looking for duck eggs.
2 butts! See how the top one split and the yummy fat is showing!

My friend “loaned ” me his smoker. He and his wife were getting their home ready to be foster parents and this was one less thing they wanted to worry about and asked me to keep it for a while. Well, okie dokie, I sure will! It is one of my favorite kitchen tools to use. It’s outside so it doesn’t heat up the house. I have a corded Meat thermometer hooked to it to monitor the temperature inside the meat, very important! When Kroger has pork buts on sale, I’ll snag a couple, they recently has them 1/2 off so a good size butt was about $8!


Mmmm,smoked legs. We ate 4 of them right out of the smoker!

But then Aldi had chicken legs on sale for something crazy and I got  a tray of legs. Oh my gosh!! I would feed my fancy friends these legs, they were amazing, juicy, great tasting, and all I did was salt and pepper and smoked them!  Next time I may try different flavors but my theory is, if I can make the meat taste good, you can dress it up yourself.

We were at Aldi and they had wings on sale, Yup, that will be next!

I would love to purchase one of those fancy- schmancy cordless Bluetooth enabled thermometers. They don’t seem to be terribly expensive…I’ll put it on my Christmas list for next year!

So excited about going to Mother Earth News Fair in a Asheville! There are so many really cool vendors and things to learn! I’ve gone to many nerd Cons in the past and being at a fair like this is so great! Plant vendors, cows with insanely huge horns, I actually saw a booth about building your own coffin! Chick vendors, seeds, kitchens tools, outdoor tools, saw mills! And going to the classes, goodness, the knowledge! Butchering, growing mushrooms..and y’all….there is a class called…

Hentopia: DIY vermin proof vending machine chicken feeder

Oh my gosh, I am GIDDY! I can not wait to see that!

Well, thanks for reading! Hope you have an amazing week!

Have fun!

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