Word of the Year!

I’ve never done this until last year but I found a word of the year. Usually I find those kinds of things hokey and they don’t really work for me. I’m not a fan of huge resolutions so, I just try to be a better me somehow.

Last year, with help from my friends, my word was BRAVE. I’m, in general, a scaredy cat and usually game to try anything…except things that just aren’t me. I’m not a professional anything and pretty laid back about almost everything. So, I really didn’t know where being BRAVE was going to get me.

Well, lemme tell you. Mrs Laid Back actually started a business, legal and everything. I even do tax stuff, AND understand it to a point! I had people of my farm and was part of a Farm Tour. I got a logo, t-shirts and everything. I sold good for money and even made a little bit of money.

For me, that was pretty stinking BRAVE! That little word kept me focused. How can I be BRAVE here? Am I BRAVE enough to do this, I am BRAVE enough to do that! Surprisingly, it really worked for me.

This year, after lots of thought, my word is IMPROVE. Which is very different from grow.

I want to IMPROVE my business, get more customers and find ways to sell more, cheaper. I want to IMPROVE the way I grow animals, less expensive, better feed. Build IMPROVED coops for them. I want to IMPROVE our home so we live better. I want to IMPROVE how I spend money.

This has helped me so much! For me, this works better than any resolution I’ll forget by February. All year, I can IMPROVE!

It even helps to ask myself, in this way, am I IMPROVING or trying to grow. I don’t want to grow with new animals or processes. I want to IMPROVE what I currently have.

In our home, I’ve already changed out the tacky lights in the kitchens and over the dining room table!

I’ve IMPROVED the life of our chickens by adding a chicken coop opener  and hopefully soon, adding solar to them.

So far, it’s only the beginning of March, I’m so excited to think of where we be at the end of the year and how much has been IMPROVED. I’m still being BRAVE, getting outside my comfort zone. I did a talk on Cast Iron Cooking the other day with my group, actually got in front of people and talked, and did pretty good, thankyouverymuch!

I’m interested to see different ways to IMPROVE all aspects of my life and the farm.

Alls I gots to say is, my husband is excited I’m improving and not growing. I’ll have you know every feed store has baby chicks and I have no desire to get any more until I improve the living conditions even more of the ones I have. They are in good conditions, I just want them fenced in so there is less poop on the front porch when it rains. Again, happy husband!

Hope you have a great rest of the week and I’m interested if you do a Word of the Year, what it is and if it helps!

Have fun!!

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